October 17, 2012

Schadenfreude 148 (A Continuing Series)

George A. King III, Post:
Robinson Cano stood in the middle of a Yankees' clubhouse so quiet you could hear the water pelting the shower floor harder than the Yankees have hit lately.

Cano and the Yankees had lost Game 3 of the ALCS, 2-1, to Justin Verlander and the Tigers before 42,970 at Comerica Park and fell into a 0-3 ditch that would be almost impossible to escape if they were hitting. Of course, they aren't.
Joel Sherman, Post:
The 2004 Red Sox? Stop, in this ALCS these Yankees more resemble the 2012 Red Sox — lifeless and hopeless.

There have been 30 innings. They have led in none. That's right, zero. They have scored in two innings. The ninth inning of Game 1 and the ninth inning of last night’s Game 3, all of the runs coming via homers.

So until they prove that they can score in another inning or in another way, or they can ever actually take a darn lead in an actual game, why don't we table comparisons to bloody socks and Idiots and the most improbable comeback in the history of the sport.
Bill Madden, Daily News:
The Yankees took their sorry postseason hitting act out of town Tuesday night, seeking long-distance redemption with their disgusted and disillusioned fan base against most formidable odds: Justin Verlander in the Tigers’ den.

It was a tall task they were once again not up to, a desperate ninth inning rally falling short when Mighty Raul Ibanez struck out to end the game, allowing the Tigers to put a 3-0 hammerlock on this best-of-seven ALCS.

And it is doubtful, at least right now, that the fed-up Yankee legions will find any consolation in the fact the Bombers finally showed some fight and grit, working Verlander and reliever Phil Coke for 43 pitches in the hairy ninth inning, and almost pulled this one out.


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This is skimpy because I am out of town with limited computer use. Feel free to post links to other fun.

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"Down 0-3, Red Sox provide Yankees their only hope"
Mike Vaccaro, Post

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Well, he can't hit anything else yuck yuck.

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Comment on the same story, in Deadspin: "Doesn't he realize that practically everyone has his number during the post-season?"