December 27, 2004

The Happy Recap. Ian Browne looks back over 2004. From October:
A century from now, this still may rate as the most glorious month in the history of the Red Sox. ... Who could have known what was ahead when the Sox trailed the series, 3-0? But the Sox pulled out two miraculous, marathon victories in a row, both of which were capped by walk-off hits from Ortiz, to earn a ticket back to the Bronx. Once the Sox got there, they rode Schilling -- bloody ankle and all -- to a gutsy win in Game 6. And, thanks to a revitalized Derek Lowe and a dominant offensive performance by Johnny Damon, the Sox routed the Yankees in Game 7, becoming the first team in Major League history to overcome a 3-0 deficit. From a drama standpoint, the World Series was anti-climactic. But it was no less sweet for the Sox and their fans.

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