December 18, 2004

Red Sox Sign Clement. Throughout the week, Boston pushed for right-handed pitcher Matt Clement, and now his agent says he's coming to the Hub. reports the former Cub "is all but set to sign a three-year contract worth approximately $25 million that will make him a member of the defending World Series champion Red Sox."

Pedro: According to the Herald, Boston's "last best offer to Martinez was a guaranteed deal for three years at $13.5 million a year, with a fourth option year also valued at $13.5 million. The offer was presented late Saturday night but Martinez rejected it."

The article states that after the World Series, Pedro asked for three years at $13.5 million a year -- which is what Schilling is making. He said he was ready to sign for that. Boston countered with two guaranteed years at $12.75 million per -- and later offered that third year "begrudgingly." ... Reaction to Pedro's Mets press conference, from Karen Guregian and Silverman from the Herald and Dom Amore of the Courant.

Also from Friday, Gerry Callahan, Boston Herald: "On his first day in a Mets uniform, the New York media was asking about the special privileges he typically enjoys, and referring to him as 'a punk' and 'public enemy No. 1.' Pedro yesterday looked like a young kid who fell into the lions' cage at the zoo. At first he thought they were nice, cuddly animals like in the movies, but soon he realized they saw him as lunch. At one point, Minaya had to jump up and insist that the people of Queens are going to love Pedro. The other four boroughs we're not so sure about."

Michael Silverman has a long Q&A with Pedro -- an absolute must-read. ... Also, there is a nice piece on Edgar Renteria in the Globe.

Kevin Millar has told Theo Epstein that "I'm not going to platoon behind Doug Mientkiewicz, to be honest with you. I've proven myself here. ... I want to stay here 100 percent. This is my team and I would be crushed and devastated if I were to ever be traded because I love playing. I love the pressure. I love the media. I love the whole ball of wax. ... I'm not the best player, but there are intangibles I bring to the clubhouse and to a team that are just as important as the stats on my baseball card." ... Ack! Don't say the I-word! ... Snook also wants to play full-time: "I'm not 38 trying to hang on to a career. I feel I have a lot of good years left."

Minor league shortstop Hanley Ramirez, now in the Dominican Winter League, will miss about two weeks with soreness in his lower back.

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