December 26, 2004

Now-Dead Manny-To-Mets Deal Explained. The Red Sox are still hoping Byung Hyun Kim can return to the club next season, possibly as a long man in the pen. However, Kim was part of a proposed chain of events that would have begun with Manny Ramirez joining Pedro Martinez in Queens.

In today's Globe, Gordon Edes recounts how Boston was set to
swap Ramirez to the Mets for a package that included Cliff Floyd, who had made a brief cameo in Boston two years ago, then spin Floyd to a third team. They also were confident of signing free agent outfielder J.D. Drew, whom they would have installed in right field and moved Trot Nixon to the left-field position vacated by Ramirez. The Sox also would have unloaded B.K. Kim in the three-way deal, and received some nice prospects in return.
However, the whole thing crumbled when the Mets "asked the Sox for more money than they wanted to pay toward the remaining $78 million on Ramirez's contract." Now, "the issue appears dead," especially since Drew signed a 5/55 deal with the Dodgers.

Doug Mientkiewicz in the Miami Herald, taking about Dave Roberts's 9th inning stolen base in Game 4 of the ALCS: "From that moment on, when he was safe, our whole attitude changed." Also, Malphabet still has that ball -- the one Keith Foulke tossed to him in St. Louis -- in a safe deposit box.

I had been wondering where that ball ended up. I think it would make a good interactive exhibit at Fenway Park -- where fans could hold it and have their pictures taken. I have held a ball signed by the 1918 team and I'd like to hold this one too.

Don't miss the Globe's excellent (and lengthy) feature on Theo Epstein.

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