December 14, 2004

Pedro Confirms Mets Signing. Speaking from the DR: "I only hope to honor my contract and to fulfill the expectations. We got what we wanted. The team and I are happy with everything. ... My heart will always be with the Boston fans. I hope that everyone who truly loves me will still support me now that I won't be with the Red Sox."

From today's Herald:

Gerry Callahan: "Only a guy consumed by greed could think that Queens is a better place to be a baseball star than Boston. The Mets, Pedro? Shea Stadium? ... [P]laying for the Mets is about as much fun as sitting on a backed-up runway at LaGuardia. In fact, it's the same damn thing. If you stand on the mound and breathe deeply, you can taste the exhaust from the jets. ... If you had spent the next three years here, every game you would have pitched would have been a big one. There would have been more playoff games, maybe more World Series. By Labor Day, the only hope the Mets will have is that Kris Benson will cheat on his wife."

Steve Buckley: "In the end, he took the offer to move to Shea Stadium because the Mets put more money on the table. Good for him, I guess, though I'm in the camp that believes this move is going to be a disaster, both for Martinez and the Mets. ... When Martinez struggled with the Red Sox, he still had a bank account of goodwill with the Fenway mob. He has no such goodwill, no history, with Mets fans. If Martinez struggles, he's going to discover that Shea is even uglier than he imagined."

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