December 31, 2004

Jim Caple. Page 2:
Long-suffering Yankees fans can finally rejoice. ... Trading for the best left-hander of his era should restart the Yankees dynasty and bring an end to New York's too-long stay as baseball's "lovable losers." ...

"Now I know how Cubs fans must feel," one New York fan said .... "Yankees fans have suffered long enough. When's it going to be our turn?" ...

"It really is annoying," another fan said. "... Why do the Red Sox always have to rub their success in our faces the way they do? If I hear one more Red Sox fan chant '2000' or bring up the Curse of A-Rod, I'm going to puke.

"But that's OK. We've got the Big Unit now. And when we win the World Series, it will be all that much sweeter because we went through so much for so long."

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