December 1, 2004

Three Days Of Pedro. From the New York papers:

Monday, November 29
Willie: I'd Love To Have Pedro (Post)
Call Mets Crazy, but Martinez Is a Serious Option (Times)
Pedro worth a short risk (Daily News)

Tuesday, November 30
Mets Top Red Sox in Offer to Martinez (Times)
Amazin' Overture (Post)
Mets deliver Pedro's pitch (Daily News)
Minaya, Martinez get serious (Newsday)
Pedro is a big mistake (Newsday)
Yankees Play Waiting Game With Pedro (Post)

Wednesday, December 1
Mets Coach: Pedro Can Be Our Clemens (Post)
Martinez and Mets May Not Be a Match (Times)
In Pedro's hands (Daily News)
Omar is pushing the envelope (Newsday)

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