December 1, 2004

Will Pedro Shea Goodbye To Sox? According to today's Globe, after meeting with Pedro in Miami, Red Sox executives "harbor concerns about whether he even wants to continue his career [in Boston]. ... [O]fficials came away privately wondering whether Martinez believes he would be happier elsewhere."

By the way, last December, Pedro mentioned the Mets as a team "I feel I can play for ... I've pitched well, really well, in Shea Stadium, so I always have that team in mind." Various reports say that a fourth guaranteed year won't be a sticking point for Pedro, which is good for Boston, because while the Red Sox may offer a third guaranteed year, four years ain't happening.

If Orlando Cabrera is serious about a 4- or 5-year deal, then the Cabrera Era is over. Hanley Ramirez is on track for the 2006 shortstop spot, so Boston is looking for someone to simply keep the infield dirt warm. Possibilities: Jose Valentin, Jeff Kent, Edgar Renteria, Barry Larkin, Royce Clayton and Rich Aurilia. ... Doug Mirabelli signed a two-year extension worth $3 million.

Today's Projo reported that the Sox had restarted trade talks for Randy Johnson, but now there's news that Arizona and New York have worked out a deal. If the Yankees, who you might have heard became the first team in major league history to lose a best-of-7 series after leading 3-0, have grabbed Johnson, does that mean they have decided not to pursue Pedro?

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