December 29, 2004

A Thrill Divine / Down My Spine. The Red Sox's ALCS comeback and World Series win was selected as the top sports story of 2004 by the Associated Press.

Theo: "There is a sense that we got the job done this year and it was so satisfying for everybody, all the players and management, all the fans, that, if anything, it just kind of increases your hunger and desire to do it again."

Here is the voting (1st place votes and total points):
                                   1st   Points

Red Sox win World Series 108 1325
Armstrong wins 6th Tour de France 7 785
Pacers brawl with Detroit fans 6 662
Patriots win streak 498
Steroid scandal 8 495
Bonds 700 HRs and 7th MVP 419
Also: Randy Johnson has apparently told some of his Arizona teammates that he's off to New York.

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