July 25, 2005

G98: White Sox 6, Red Sox 4


Arroyo (without a decent curveball) struggles early, the Sox don't pound Contreras like they usually do, and I'm too busy at work to even follow along on line. Tampa swept the Orioles (Baltimore is now one game out of fourth place), but the Yankees won (moving to within 1.5). All in all, a shitty day.

Edgar Renteria had Sunday off -- or as Terry Francona said, "getting a blow." Where did this expression come from and why is everyone suddenly using it?

Kevin Millar tried to stretch a single into a double in the sixth and was thrown out by Scott Podsednik. Then Jason Varitek followed with a homer. More stupidity on the bases, yet it wasn't talked about too much in the papers (except for MLB, which actually isn't a paper). Unlike if our left fielder had done it.

More on Craig Hansen. ... The Chicago Tribune reports that the White Sox want to make sure they can sign A.J. Burnett to a long-term deal before they make a deal with the Marlins. The White Sox are offering top pitching prospect Brandon McCarthy and Damaso Marte (and possibly Jose Contreras).

Names in a possible Boston deal are still Bronson Arroyo and Anibal Sanchez. ... Good wrapups of what's going on at The Buzz.

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L-girl said...

"Getting a blow" refers to horses. (Not, as you might think, to Bill Clinton.)

You loosen the straps under the saddle, and the horse can take a big deep breath.

I think the straps are called "girth straps", which is also good for a snicker.