July 7, 2005

Update from Gammons (WEEI)

SoSHer Soxscout has the poop on Old Hickory's appearance on WEEI this afternoon. I cut some of the points and reordered the ones I'm including, so check out the thread for the whole deal:
- The players are trying to make losing the front office's fault, winning the players' doing
- Damon doesn't know what he is talking about
- Players aren't upset over anything, it's just Damon
- Millar "outraged" that Olerud is on the team, no one wants him, "not going to happen"
- Foulke out a month, he's a weird guy, knee has been bothering him for 2-3 years; tries to be funny but it always comes out wrong
- Payton had an outburst last night, he is gone now and "he is going to Oakland"; Oakland has a deal in place with him; Sox want a pitcher back, A's could do that. Cardinals and Dodgers are interested. Billy Beane called about him this weekend.
- Kapler expected to be back, "he is out of his contract"
- Doesn't see Sox adding a SP
- Papelbon could pitch 6 weeks in Boston bullpen
- Delcarmen is taking off the last six weeks [pitching really really well], Paw Sox player told him that he was unreal last night
- Sanchez, Moss, Lester, Pedroia, Ramirez, Papelbon will not be traded
When Gammons says the team is not upset (only Damon), I assume he's referring to the Schilling decision. It's kind of weird to then read that Millar is outraged and Payton had an outburst.

Gordon Edes had a story in the Globe a few weeks ago on Kapler, saying how unhappy he was in Japan and how he'd love to return to Boston. ... Does Gammons mean that Papelbon could pitching in the Sox pen within six weeks?

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