July 29, 2005

Pass The Salt

Bruce Allen on WEEI's 18 hours of angry ranting about Manny, Manny, Manny:
It's interesting to hear on a show like Dennis & Callahan, the hosts saying that Manny misses so many games and gets so many days off, and guys like Damon and Renteria are really the ones who play everyday. Then when an emailer points out to them that Manny had played more games this season than either of those two, their claim is "Well, it won't be that way in the end". Damn the facts!

It's also amusing to consider the hypocrisy. Can a radio personality who was suspended for showing up to work with a alcohol buzz really be talking about Manny's failure to act in the best interests of the team? Can a radio host who was suspended for leaving his job early and replaying an earlier segment during the last portion of the show really be in a position to comment on Manny's failure to hustle? Can radio hosts who were suspended for making a racial comment really comment on Manny being offensive to the game? Can they talk about Manny's penchant for days off, when some of them basically take the entire summer off while bringing in huge paychecks ... much higher than the average listener?
And on to the papers:

Ron Chimelis writes:
Only a shrewd if selfish man could look at Wednesday's game in Tampa Bay, one night after one teammate went to the hospital and another to the disabled list, and refuse to delay a day off he didn't need.

[Unfortunately, Chimelis offers absolutely no evidence -- on- or off-the-record -- that Ramirez didn't actually need Wednesday off.]

... It looked as if Ramirez would play out his Boston days as an imperfect but adored hero, then head to Cooperstown in a Sox cap.

[Ramirez will apparently end the long string of perfect Red Sox heroes. Who's on that list again, Ron?]
David Heuschkel writes that Manny Ramirez "has walked all over Francona the way he did Jimy Williams, Joe Kerrigan and Grady Little ... Francona would send a strong message to his players by benching Ramirez, and it wouldn't be the first time. Francona sat Ramirez three straight games last July in Anaheim because he refused to play left field."

A photo caption on the Globe's Red Sox page states: "Kevin Millar (left) is one of the Red Sox who thus far has been silent concerning Manny Ramirez." ... Actually, Millar was one of the first players to talk about Manny.

Dave Doyle defends Ramirez, with many of the same reasons heard both here and in the comments. His blog has some responses to his column.

Red Sox executive vice president Charles Steinberg referred to Ramirez's request as nothing more than casual dinner conversation: "My response is pass the salt."

In the Herald, Michael Silverman looks at Boston's three areas of concern going into the last days before the trade deadline: a reliever, a starter and an outfielder. ... Gordon Edes held a chat today and Ian Browne answers some email.

After mentioning a possible Bill Mueller for J.C. Romero deal, Gordon Edes and Chris Snow write: "The Sox and Twins play each other here in Fenway Park and it's possible talks will continue right until the 5 p.m. deadline. It's also conceivable that a deal could be struck but not announced until then because neither the Sox nor Twins relish the prospect of having a former teammate beat them this weekend."

Heuschkel notes that "Curt Schilling doesn't look like he'll be able to return to the rotation this year. He's still not able to push off the rubber the way he usually does with his surgically repaired right ankle, resulting in a 5-7 mph loss of velocity on his fastball, and hitters have been teeing off on his splitter."

Gabe Kapler has hit safely in his four games with Pawtucket (10-for-16, with three doubles, a triple, two home runs, six RBIs, and six runs scored). He has played all three outfield positions and is expected to join the Sox tomorrow.

The Yankees traded for Colorado's Shawn Chacon, who will likely start against the Angels on Saturday.

Twins in Boston (Wade Miller has been scratched from tonight's start):
Friday: Bronson Arroyo / Carlos Silva, 7:00
Saturday: David Wells / Kyle Lohse, 7:00
Sunday: TBA / Brad Radke, 2:00

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Good post re Manny. Hypocrites abound.