July 30, 2005

In The Papers

Sean McAdam reports that Ramirez's antics have caused "increasing frustration in the clubhouse ... "Ramirez's insistence that he be given a day off Wednesday as promised, sources indicate, infuriated some teammates and resulted in an angry confrontation between Curt Schilling and Ramirez. Schilling got into a heated argument with Ramirez and David Ortiz had to step in and separate them."

Gordon Edes on the Sox-Mets-Rays deal: "One Sox source said the club had spoken with 20 teams yesterday, and several had inquired about Ramirez. But the Mets seemed most intent on acquiring him. ... Another significant factor in trading Ramirez now is the fact that after this season, Ramirez earns the right to veto any deal as a player with 10-5 rights, having played 10 years in the big leagues and at least five consecutive years with one team. ... But one source with direct knowledge of Ramirez's trade demand said the player also had some issues with people in the organization, and did not deny that manager Terry Francona was one of them."

Terry Francona: "I don't think I was as [rattled] as Red Sox Nation. Sometimes, these things happen. You move on. ... There's an occasional bump in the road, and you deal with it the best you can. ... Is it always 'Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood?' No, it's got grownups playing. You know, every once in a while you have to get a little agitated. Everybody has that right. It's not the end of the world."

Edes also quotes Pedro: "I don't know if there's going to be a trade or not. But I'll take Manny any time. I think he would be a great fit here. ... There has to be something serious going on up there for Manny to make this public." (But Manny did not make any of this public.)

Jayson Stark says the deal "is still alive and still being discussed" now that the Mets are willing to consider sending prospect Lastings Milledge to Boston. Stark also mentioned that Hanley Ramirez has been mentioned. ... Also, the Sox are insisting they will not pay any of Manny's contract. ... The Daily News mentions Braden Looper also going to the Sox and Milledge going to Tampa. ... According to Newsday, one executive involved in the talks estimated that the trade has a "20 percent" chance of happening.

Some think Manny should come home to Cleveland, but the Indians say they have not inquired.

Jeremi Gonzalez or Lenny DiNardo might start on Sunday. Or possible Jon Papelbon, who is scheduled to start for Pawtucket on Sunday. However, Papelbon is not on the 40-man roster. ... Gabe Kapler will rejoin the Sox today. In six games with Pawtucket, he hit .700 (14-for-20) with three doubles, a triple, two home runs, six RBIs, and seven runs. ... Keith Foulke long-tossed at 120 feet yesterday and is hoping for a late-August return. ... John Olerud's grand slam was the team's 10th this season, breaking the previous mark of nine set in 1941, 1950, 1987, and 2001.

Wade Miller says the shoulder stiffness is normal and nothing serious. "The other injury was in the back [of the shoulder]. The stiffness is pretty much in the front. ... This year hasn't been really painful. I've just been going through a little bit of aches here and there."

Millar: "Welcome to Sox Nation. I saw Pedro Martinez get booed off the mound in 2003. I was like, 'Man if they're booing Pedro, I'm in trouble.' Sure enough, down the road, I've been in trouble. ... One little thing gets blown up and you're in a no-win situation as a player because we don't have the power of the pen. The bottom line is that Manny Ramirez had a day off on Wednesday is OK. I took a day off in Chicago and it wasn't front page. But Manny Ramirez has a day off and we play in Tampa Bay."

Differing accounts of the boos:
Ron Chimelis: "Ramirez was roundly booed in pregame introductions and with each at-bat. Only in the eighth, when he walked to load the bases for Olerud, did the fans come to his support."

Howard Bryant: "... booed three times last night, during introductions, at the plate, and in the seventh, when he muffed Lew Ford's ball for a double."

Lenny Megliola: "[A]t 6:56 p.m., Carl Beane, announcing the starting lineups, got to Manny's name. The fans booed ... But if that was the loudest Manny's been booed here, the record only lasted until 7:19. That's when he came up for the first time. ... By his second time up ... it was like Wednesday in Tampa had never happened, the cheering so out-decibeled the boos. In fact, was anyone booing this time? ... By the eighth inning ... up came Manny, two on, no outs, the fans yelling his name, totally on his side now."

Kevin McNamara: "... Sox fans who roundly booed Ramirez during pregame player introductions and sent mixed reactions his way when he stepped to the plate every time he came to bat."

Kelsie Smith: "[T]he Fenway crowd appeared split with boos and cheers at the sound of Ramirez's name ... Boos accompanied Ramirez, who went 0 for 3 with a strikeout and a walk, in each of his three trips to the plate and when his name was announced before the game. His first at-bat (a ground out to third) provoked the loudest of his unpleasant receptions."

Jeff Horrigan: "... received a mixed reaction when he was introduced last night."

Jeff Horrigan (a different story): "... was lustily booed during pregame introductions and as he came to the plate in the first inning."

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