July 23, 2005

Trade Rumors: Millar, Mueller, Arroyo; Burnett-To-Birds Off The Table

Two Red Sox Rumors: (1): Kevin Millar and Bill Mueller to Minnesota for left-handed reliever J.C. Romero and starter Joe Mays; and (2): Mueller and prospects for Romero and Mays, then Mays and Bronson Arroyo to the Marlins for Burnett and Mike Lowell.

ESPN says the Orioles have traded pitcher Sidney Ponson to San Diego for first baseman Phil Nevin (the Padres are denying it).

This doesn't make sense, if true. Wouldn't the Orioles have an even greater need for starting pitching having dealt Ponson? Getting rid of Ponson's bloated contract would allow them to assume Lowell's equally bad deal, I suppose, although ESPN says that Baltimore's plan to acquire A.J. Burnett (and Lowell) "has been shelved."

There had been talk of a three-way deal between the Orioles, Marlins and Devil Rays. ... Florida is now back to talking with the Red Sox and White Sox. According to ESPN, Boston's "offer would center Double-A pitching prospect Anibel Sanchez and right-handed pitcher Bronson Arroyo."

Curt Schilling: "I think I can go back and start right now. If I had a couple starts where I throw only 100 pitches, I think I can do that. I think I'm much closer to being able to do that than I was seven days ago. I want to go back in the rotation as soon as I possibly can."

Boston recently played six consecutive games against a lefthanded starter (Randy Johnson, Al Leiter, Scott Kazmir, Casey Fossum, Mark Hendrickson, and Mark Buehrle). The last time the Sox faced lefties in six consecutive games: June 12-17, 1914. ... The Angels, Diamondbacks, Devil Rays and Padres are believed to be among the teams interested in Alan Embree.

Wade Miller / Orlando Hernandez at 7:00.

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