July 6, 2005

Tito: Schilling Moving to Bullpen

SoxScout at SoSH (12:37 pm):
Schilling to the Bullpen Per Tito on WEEI

When he is activated he will be working in the bullpen. He is pitching out of the Pawtucket bullpen tomorrow.

He is having trouble repeating his delivery for 6-7 innings.

"Schilling, Foulke, Timlin goodluck..." - Francona
Very interesting.

Opinions in the thread are all over the map, ranging from "makes perfect sense" to "seems like a major misuse of resources" to "a drastic move for a team that is 3.5 games up."

It's way too early to even speculate whether this could a long-term thing like Smoltz in Atlanta, since the news is only about 30 minutes old. But I agree with the poster that said "Schilling could be Gossagesque in the closer role" -- meaning he could pitch three or four innings.

Having the regular starter go five or six innings and have Schilling finish the game could (a) be devastating to the opposing team and (b) give everyone else in the pen the day off perhaps twice a week.

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MrFenstein said...

I think it makes perfectly good sense. The Red Sox have managed to get this far with the rotation that they have, so I don't think he should be moved to the rotation unless he is 100% healthy and can pitch 6 innings. Like you said, he would be the perfect firearm. Shuting down opposition for innings at a time.
And especially with the bullpen troubles they're having right now, with Foulke and Mantie gone, Embree- we won't go there, and a bunch of youngsters coming up. Schilling could give them rest and help the younger ones. I say it's a perfect match.