July 3, 2008


Surviving Grady has a NESN screen shot that sums up the entire Tampa series:

So does Jere.

(Here's an odd screenshot.)

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Jere said...

You know what's amazing? That guy sat there, flipped the bird, and seemed to say "fuck you" before putting it down. When I was going for the shot (taken of the screen with a camera, old-school style), I knew the moment was coming, since it was NESN's replay of the game, but I waited til I saw the bird, and snapped. I happened to get that particular moment of the bird-incident (mouth in the "fff" position, about to say "fuck").

So what are the odds that SG's screen shot is literally the exact frame as I happened to catch with my one random snap?

It was also funny hearing Don and Jerry react to it. Don was saying how members of Red Sox Nation were down...then the guy flips the bird, we hear a slight grunt from Remy..then silence...finally broken by Don who says, "not only sad but ANGRY!"