July 12, 2008

Ortiz Update

According to Terry Francona (via the Globe), David Ortiz will play three games with Pawtucket July 17-19, take a day off, then play three more with Portland on July 21-23.

If all goes well, Flo could be back in the Red Sox lineup for the July 25 game against the Yankees. Tito:
That's not etched in stone but that's what we're looking at.


Rob said...

Hmm... I might be inclined to buy a couple of tickets to see the Sea Dogs as the time gets closer.

Jack Marshall said...

It's been kind of amazing to hear so many commentators still express skepticism that Ortiz's injury could withstand his "violent swings" and talk as if it's still doubtful that he'll be back at full strength. The tendon sheath injury doesn't affect the integrity of the actual tendon at all, and the tendon itself was never injured. This was botched in the early reporting of the injury but most accounts finally got it right--still, I had to listen to Jim Duquette, among others, question whether Papi would came back as Papi because "wrist injuries are tough." They are tough, but this one was, luckily, the kind at almost always heals well and without long-range problems.