July 31, 2008

Something Else #15: The December Sound

I learned recently that a JoS reader is in a band known as The December Sound (myspace). This person was kind enough to mail me a copy of the band's debut CD. I was quite impressed, so I'm featuring them on this off-day.

The December Sound released three EPs before this 13-song eponymous CD (also known as "The Silver Album"), which took about two years to complete and hit stores last year. The Boston Globe wrote about the band in November 2007.

Here is some of what has already been written about them:
"The nastiest, noisiest noise we've heard for a while ... intoxicating blend of noise and melody ... Buzzed-out guitars that blur together in absolute sonic bliss ... ethereal, reverb-soaked vocals and plenty of distortion ... chiseled soundscapes ... drowsy space-age atmospheres ... insistent rhythms softened by some drifting vocals ... unique combination of loud, pounding rhythms, rippling, effects-laden guitar and sweet vocals ..."
With the band's permission, here are mp3s of three songs: No Heaven Like Hell, Drone Refusenik, and Reminder. If you like what you hear, buy the CD!


Amy said...

Who's the JOS member in the band? Is it a secret or something?

Rob said...

Not me, man. I picked up a guitar once and the sound was so bad my cat ran off and ignored me for a week.

laura k said...

Who's the JOS member in the band?

If he wanted you to know, it would have been in the post.