July 24, 2008

Something Else #14: BC-DC

On Halloween Night in 2005, the Black Crowes wrapped up their US tour by masquerading as their own opening act at Chicago's Riviera Theater.

They called themselves BC-DC, dressing up like Angus Young (schoolboy shorts, tie and cap) and playing three AC-DC songs: "Rock N' Roll Damnation", "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be", and "Highway To Hell".

You can see some video here and here.


allan said...

BC-DC (Black Crowes)
Riviera Theater
Chicago, IL
October 31, 2005

Rock N' Roll Damnation / Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be / Highway To Hell


In 2006, the Crowes were the surf-loving Bitch Boys.

tim said...

That's great - Black Crowes always were one of my favorites growing up. Actually covered "hard to handle" in one of my bands as a yoot.

laura k said...

Ha, very cool.

allan said...

This one is short and sweet, but that's the way it goes.

Rob said...

Dear MLB Extra Innings:

Thank you for the preview to EI, but it'd have been nice if you stopped the preview when the final game from yesterday finished, rather than today, at Noon, when the first game of today was supposed to START.

Everything worked fine, it had the list of the upcoming games, even at 11:55. At 12:10, when the Phillies/Mets game was starting, everything was blacked out.

Hate you.

Benjamin said...

More anencephaly from the press about Papelbon and the MFYs.

andy said...

Bot is a god. The end.