July 8, 2008

Ortiz Feeling Great After Fenway BP

David Ortiz took 36 batting practice swings yesterday, belted six balls out of the park, and said he was pleased with how he felt and believes he could come back with his left wrist at 95%.

Tiz: "It feels like I'm going back to normal. ... I'm trying to be patient. I don't want to be stupid about coming back. ... When I come back, I want to be ready to play and help this ballclub."

Ortiz says will have a better idea when he'll be back at the end of the week.

There has been a ton of talk about the possibility of signing Barry Bonds if Ortiz was not able to play this season -- having him DH makes logical sense from a "winning baseball games" perspective (though other considerations do exist, apparently) -- but after Flo's promising BP session, Theo Epstein told the Globe there was nothing to any Bonds rumours.

Clay Buchholz will start against Baltimore on Friday. Jeff Horrigan says Buchholz "reworked his delivery and focused on moving his hand farther away from his head on fastballs, which led to more pitch movement." Tito: "His offspeed, changeup, breaking ball can be devastating, but when his fastball wandered back over the plate, he was getting hit pretty hard."

Justin Masterson is scheduled to pitch in relief for Pawtucket on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. ... Last night's victory was the Red Sox's MLB-best 10th shutout. ... Dustin Pedroia's hitting streak is now at 15 games (.485, 32-for-66). ... SoSH: "When Does Jed Lowrie Get A Shot?"

Are you curious what Alex Rodriguez did the night of the July 2004 Vartiek brawl game?


nixon33 said...

and apparently during the ALCS!

Jack Marshall said...

Transcript of "internal discussion" of signing Barry Bonds:

"What about Bonds?"

"Are you kidding? Who needs that asshole?"

"Yeah, you're right. Just thought I'd mention it. Rafael Palmeiro?"

"You're fired."

Bartman said...

Are we to root for the MFYs against the Rays?

nixon33 said...


nixon33 said...

jeez, i cant type anymore.