July 5, 2008

Manny Gets HBP Three Times

Manny Ramirez hits Mike Mussina pretty well -- 28-for-100, with nine HRs and a .630 slugging percentage. Since the start of the 2005 season, Manny has battered the Moose to the tune of 13-for-26 (.500).

But it's doubtful Mussina had any thoughts of retaliation on his mind when he hit Manny with a pitch in the first inning this afternoon, then hit him again when he led off the fourth. Ramirez struck out looking against Mussina in the sixth, but was hit again by Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning.

Since 1956, there have been 17 instances of a player getting plunked three times in one game. But Manny is one of only five players to get hit three times in four or fewer plate appearances:
Sherm Lollar  June 8, 1956     4 PA  3 HBP/Single
Bill Freehan August 16, 1968 4 PA 3 HBP/F7
Jonny Gomes August 15, 2005 4 PA 3 HBP/HR
Manny Ramirez July 5, 2008 4 PA 3 HBP/K

Reed Johnson April 9, 2006 3 PA 3 HBP
Of those 17 three-HBP games, Johnson accounts for three of them! He was hit by three pitches on April 16, 2005, April 9, 2006 and April 29, 2006.

There is no record of a player getting hit four times in one game.

(Frank Chance was hit five times during a doubleheader on May 30, 1904.)


Sarah Haendler said...

So not only does Manny hit Moose pretty well, it turns out that Moose hits Manny pretty well too!

Jack Marshall said...

I'd rather Manny hit than BE hit, but if he's not going to hit, then hit him.

Why can't they hit Varitek? Or at least hit FOR him? I hated to see him up with the bases loaded back when he actually could do some damage with his bat. Now it's hopeless. How long before Tito realizes that just because a player switch hits doesn't mean you shouldn't pinch-hit for him? And if Tek's going to hit like Hank Aguirre, he better make better tags ar home than he did today.