July 8, 2008

Defenders Of The Game

I've been thinking for 10 minutes what to type here -- and I'm completely stumped.

Ken Tremendous, FJM:
This is just amazing.

Several of you wrote in about this after seeing it on Joe Posnanski's blog. It's a series of cartoons they play at the Trop now, apparently, in which Joe Maddon and some of the Rays players are superheros who are fighting an evil mastermind named...

...get ready...

...prepare yourselves...

"Dr. Stat."

The evil villain is named:

Dr. Stat.

This is truly a low point for our culture. Not baseball culture, mind you. The entirety of Western Culture.
And yet: Joe Maddon was my first choice for Red Sox manager before the 2004. He is a modern, progressive manager. In fact, Maddon is such a stathead that, this past March, FJM referred to him as "a 2.4 gigahertz Linksys router".

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Jack Marshall said...

Well, giving the Rays the benefit of the doubt, maybe "Dr. Stat" refers to the fact that on paper, the Rays should be way behind the Red Sox. It's the Rays who have been winning games on clutch homers by Gabe Gross, and the Sox who have been losing games because Hall-of-Famers and All-Stars can't get a two-out hit, or the ace closer gets beat on two seeing-eye grounders. I do think the Rays are fighting statistics, because the likelihood is that they can't keep playing at this level, while the Sox figure to get better.