November 15, 2011

1916 World Series Footage - Brooklyn at Red Sox

UPDATE: I am trying to determine if this is the first known footage from the 1916 World Series. In the meantime, Jere has done yeoman's work in determining exactly which plays are on the clip. He believes the clip shows action from the first four innings of Game 1.
My last post included three links that I assumed were of the 1917 World Series. Jere commented that the third clip is from Game 1 of the 1916 World Series, played on Saturday, October 7 (Brooklyn Robins (Dodgers) vs Boston Red Sox at Braves Field). The Red Sox played in the NL park because it had more seats than five-year-old Fenway Park.

Some text goes by very quickly at 0:32 - Boston's Duffy Lewis and Dick Hoblitzel (he also spelled it Hoblitzell).
Facing Rube Marquard with two outs in the bottom of the third, Hoblitzell tripled to right and Lewis doubled to left, giving the Red Sox a 1-0 lead. With Larry Gardner batting, Lewis was then picked off second, catcher to shortstop. The Red Sox won the game 6-5, as Carl Mays got the save after Brooklyn scored four times off Ernie Shore in the top of the ninth.

After observing the Sabbath, Babe Ruth pitched 14 innings on Monday, October 8, in what is still the longest World Series game by innings. He went the distance - allowing no hits after the eighth inning - and Boston won 2-1. The Red Sox won the series, their third in five seasons, in five games.

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