November 21, 2011

Valentine Meeting With Cherington (Again) On Monday

Update: Valentine will meet with reporters at Fenway at 5:30 PM.

Bobby Valentine met with Ben Cherington "weeks ago". Valentine has met with John Henry, Larry Lucchino, and Tom Werner. Now comes word that BV is meeting on Monday with Cherington for a second time.

Can a press conference be far behind?

ESPN's Jeremy Lundblad makes a strong case for Jacoby Ellsbury as AL MVP. The award winner will be announced Monday afternoon (2 PM?).

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allan said...

Peter Abraham:

The latest on the Red Sox managerial front:

• Sandy Alomar Jr. has been eliminated.

• Gene Lamont will meet with ownership later this week. Presumably that would be Tuesday or Wednesday.

• Ben Cherington ... is hopeful of having a manager before the Winter Meetings start Dec. 5.

• Valentine — and more to come from him later on — made it clear that he wants the job and that he welcomes input from the front office (meaning statistical analysis) because he wants it to a "growth experience" for him.

• Cherington called Valentine a "intelligent, passionate baseball man" but said their research was continuing.