November 29, 2011

"Thank You, Theo And Tito" Website Launched

Juliana Press, Pete Shea, and Jared Circosta, working with Tank Design, have launched a website offering Red Sox fans the chance to thank Theo Epstein and Terry Francona for helping Boston win two World Series championships during their tenures.

Remember how you felt back on October 17, 2003, after one of the worst Red Sox losses in history? Did you think, even in your wildest fantasies, that the team would win two World Series titles in the next four seasons? That actually happened! And Epstein and Francona had a lot to do with that. 

Fans Thank You reminds me of the epic and emotional "Win It For..." thread (and book) at Sons of Sam Horn. It could easily be as moving, and historic. Go - and type your heart out.

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laura k said...

Allan, thanks for telling us about this. Your "Thank you Tito" post is highlighted prominently.