November 24, 2011

rivers of suggestion

After 2,077 days, I have resurrected my other blog.

It is titled rivers of suggestion.

It will house the stuff I write that is not directly related to baseball.

That is all for now.


laura k said...

Nice title! That icon has an error. Where's your wine glass?

allan said...

That is why my mood is black.

(I see I had another "I'm back" post in drafts from earlier this year. Proposed title change: "Blog of Myself".)

Maxwell Horse said...

If there is important 9/11-type stuff in the other blog, I hope you don't keep the two blogs entirely separate. I hope there'll still be once-in-a-while links or mentions of that stuff at Joy of Sox so that casual baseball fans still end up seeing that stuff they might normally make a habit of looking away from.

laura k said...

Blog of Myself

Only to be used if you grow a long white beard.

allan said...

All right then.