November 26, 2011

Manager Decision Coming This Week?

Either Bobby Valentine or Gene Lamont will be named Red Sox manager next week, as the team wants the position filled before the winter meetings begin on December 5 (a week from Monday).

There were reports that the Red Sox wanted to talk to Blue Jays manager about the possibility of returning to Boston and replacing Terry Francona. Supposedly, if Farrell had returned, Toronto wanted Clay Buchholz as compensation. Thankfully, the Red Sox did not bite (and who knows how serious they were about Tito's ex-pitching coach, anyway?), but I trust they remained sufficiently wary of Mega-Ninja GM Alex Anthopoulos.

Gordon Edes takes a good look at possible closers for the Red Sox. I would not mind keeping Daniel Bard in the set-up role he has excelled in, since he has often pitched in higher leverage situations in the eighth inning than Jonathan Papelbon did in the ninth.

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera told the Post that 2012 might be his last season (jeez, come on, go be a preacher already; those souls can't save themselves):
I don't know what will happen. I have one year left. I might call it over. I will know more in spring training. ... I have no reaction [to Papelbon's Phillies contract] — that's the market and he took advantage of it. He is a good kid, he means well. He is a hard worker. I wish him the best.
Rivera may also need surgery on his vocal cords.

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