November 5, 2011

Buckley Botches Honeymooners Reference

Steve Buckley, Herald, November 3, 2011:
Mike Quade's days as manager of the Chicago Cubs were numbered as soon as Theo Epstein said, "I do," and stepped in as the team's Grand Exulted Poobah of Baseball Operations, or whatever it is they're calling him out there in the Midway.
1. It's exalted ("elevated in rank, character, or status"), not exulted ("show or feel elation or jubilation") - although Epstein does seem very happy with his new job.

2. Buckley does not use the word "honeymoon" in his column, but I believe his "I do" makes his Poobah title a reference to Ralph Kramden and the Raccoon Lodge. Unfortunately, that Honeymooners reference is Grand High Exhalted Mystic Ruler. The Grand Poobah comes from The Flintstones, a cartoon stone-age Honeymooners.

3. Hellooooooooo, ball!


laura k said...

Yay, 'Mooners! Thanks for straightening that out.

wardo said...

It was years before I figured out that Ralph and Ed weren't talking about "the grand high exalted Mr. Gruller."

laura k said...

"the grand high exalted Mr. Gruller."

Kran-Mar? What's a Kran-Mar?

We don't know what this stuff is, it might as well be Kran Mar!

Kran Mar's Mystery Delicious Appetizer

They forgot a word on the t-shirt.

laura k said...

That's better.