November 21, 2011

Saturday, February 11

Truck Day!

82 days away!

Sunday, February 19 - Pitchers and Catchers
Saturday, February 25 - First full-squad workout
Saturday, March 3 - DH vs Northeastern & Boston College
Tuesday, March 13 - at New York Yankees (Tampa)
Thursday, March 22 - vs New York Yankees (Fort Myers)
Thursday, April 5 - Opening Day, at Detroit


accudart said...

Tell me no Bobby V, please?

Jere said...

Looks like our "last game of pre-season at an MLB park usually against an NL team" will be at the Washington Nats' park on Tuesday, April 3.

allan said...

Tell me no Bobby V, please?

I don't think I can do that.

accudart said...

your scarying me Allan!

allan said...

Peter Abraham:

The latest on the Red Sox managerial front:

• Sandy Alomar Jr. has been eliminated.

• Gene Lamont will meet with ownership later this week. Presumably that would be Tuesday or Wednesday.

• Ben Cherington ... is hopeful of having a manager before the Winter Meetings start Dec. 5.

• Valentine — and more to come from him later on — made it clear that he wants the job and that he welcomes input from the front office (meaning statistical analysis) because he wants it to a "growth experience" for him.

• Cherington called Valentine a "intelligent, passionate baseball man" but said their research was continuing.


johngoldfine said...

How long does it take the truck to get to Florida?--it would not be good for it to arrive on Feb. 14...Valentine's Day.

allan said...

I think every day might be Valentine's day.