November 16, 2011

Red Sox Fire Gill As Team's Medical Director

The Red Sox have fired Dr. Thomas Gill as the team's medical director.

Sean McAdam reports
Gill was offered the opportunity to remain in a reduced capacity with the team, serving as a consulting physician. But, according to sources, Gill turned down the offer because he would not have authority over the team's medical and training staff. ...

According to sources, it's likely that someone else from Massachusetts General Hospital Sports Medicine Group's -- headed by Gill -- will serve as the consulting orthopedist for the Sox. A likely choice is Dr. Peter Asnis, who currently serves as the Boston Bruins' team physician.
The Red Sox have made a contract offer to David Ortiz and were planning on meeting with his agent last night. Flo: "The Red Sox will always be the first option. ... I'm going to be somewhere next year - hopefully it's here."

Josh Reddick had surgery yesterday to repair torn cartilage in his left wrist. He was hit on the wrist by a pitch on September 4. He is expected to be ready for spring training.

Dale Sveum is one of two finalists for the manager's job. The decision should be made next week.
Detroit's Justin Verlander was the unanimous choice for the AL Cy Young Award.
                     1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th   Pts
Verlander  Tigers     28                       160
Weaver     Angels          17    8    2    1    97
Shields    Rays             5    9    8    3    66
Sabathia   Yankees          5    7    9    4    63
Valverde   Tigers           1    3    6    3    28
Wilson     Rangers                    1    7     9
Haren      Angels                1    1    2     7
Rivera     Yankees                         4     4
Beckett    Red Sox                         3     3
Romero     Blue Jays                  1          2
Robertson  Yankees                         1     1
I'm very curious to see how Verlander does in the MVP voting on Friday (he was 6th on my BBA ballot). do the writers still adore pitcher's wins? Verlander was 24-5. The last AL pitcher to win that many games was Bob Welch, who had 27 in 1990 and was awarded the Cy Young in one of most embarrassing showings in the BBWAA's history.

Other awards: Jeremy Hellickson (Rays) and Craig Kimbrel (Atlanta) won the two Rookie of the Year awards. Kimbrel was the unanimous NL choice, while Hellickson recieved 17 of 28 AL first-place votes. Managers of the Year are announced this afternoon, NL Cy Young on Thursday, AL MVP on Friday, and NL MVP next Monday.


FenFan said...

Just looked at the statistics from the 1990 Cy Young vote and -- wow! -- if you go by ERA+ (and I assume that you do?) then Welch wasn't even top 5 in that group.

allan said...

ERA+: Not so much within the same league in one season. The writers must have not even bothered with ERA. They looked at Wins and said That's it.

If Clemens had made one more start and allowed 25 runs without retiring a single batter, he still would have finished with a better ERA than Welch.

allan said...

2011 Managers of the Year
AL: Joe Maddon (28 of 30 1st place votes)
NL: Kirk Gibson (28 of 32)

9casey said...

A little suprised Nova finished 4th
with a 16-4 record , i guess his 3.70 era hurt him...

9casey said...


Heidi Watney

An in-game reporter on NESN's Red Sox broadcasts since 2008, Watney is leaving the network to become a sideline reporter on Lakers' telecasts on Time Warner

Joel said...

Looks like Theo is going to swoop in and get Sveum first.