July 3, 2005

Day-by-Day Database

How in the hell did I not know about Baseball Musings' Day by Day Database until now? ... David Pinto: "You can now compare players across time periods. You can come up with any combination of dates, home-road, vs. team, on team and park. And you can sort by any numeric field."

So when I read this morning that Manny Ramirez is hitting .348 in 29 games since May 28, I went to see how that stacks up against all other MLB hitters in that same time frame.

It turns that Manny's batting average is 17th-best since May 28 (among batters with 100 plate appearances (the PA cutoff is also adjustable)). ... Teammates David Ortiz (.356) and Johnny Damon (.352) have higher batting averages. Tops is Derrick Lee (.429); worst is Cesar Izturis (.144).

So ...

Most hits since the beginning of the 2001 season? Ichiro has 1,023. Albert Pujols is a distant second (892).

Most RBIs in road games from July 2, 1995 to July 2, 2005? Ramirez with 580.

Best and worst ERA against the Red Sox since 1990 (min. 50 IP)? Bill Wegman (1.95) and Jason Grimsley (7.34).

Most balks since 1974? Charlie Hough with 39.

Best and worst rates for walks per 9 innings since 1974 (min. 500 IP)? Bob Tewksbury (1.45) and Mitch Williams with (7.08 - yikes!).

They also have extensive game-by-game logs. For example, here is Tim Wakefield's entire career.

You could lose a lot of hours on this site. A lot.


finamundo said...

Great website...thanks.

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