July 31, 2005

G104: Red Sox 4, Twins 3

Standing ovation as Manny Ramirez is announced as a pinch-hitter. Bottom of the eighth, tie game, two outs, runners on first and second. ... Manny singles to center on an 1-2 pitch to give the Sox the eventual game-winning run.

Afterwards on NESN: "Forget about the trade, man! This is the place I wanna be!"

Manny being Manny? That's what we want.

Entering the game 54 minutes after the 4 p.m. deadline passed for trades without waivers, Ramirez bounced a chopper up the middle to score Edgar Renteria and give the Red Sox their fifth consecutive victory. After Renteria crossed the plate, Ramirez took off his batting helmet and pointed both hands at the crowd in a double-barreled salute.

"That's hard not to get chills when that stuff is happening," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. "That's about as electric as you'll see it."


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redsock said...

Two other Manny quotes (posted in Game Thread):

"Just Manny being Manny"


"We are a great family here"


What a crazy week.

peter n said...

Just warms the heart to be a Sox fan after days such as this( None come to mind, though).

Andrew said...

Manny coming out there in the 8th to a standing ovation has to be one of the greatest things I've ever experienced as a Sox fan (aside from the obvious, of course). Unfortunately, I had to hear it on the radio rather than watch it in person or on TV, but man did it send chills up my spine. What a bizarre and amazing end to this saga.

redsock said...

Can't wait to leave work and go rewind the VCR!

MLB sells downloads of all games for $3.99. I've bought a few of them this year, including the last 17-1 pasting of the MFY.

It will be posted here.

Devine said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I'm so sorry I took a nap after Mueller tossed the ball into right field to make it 3-2 Twins! The highlights are just great, though.

Love Orsillo's "Manny's back! And he's back big!" Probably the best cry I've heard from him all season (though Ortiz's walk-off was pretty damn special--"High...deep...AND GONE!!!" where his voice got all scratchy on the final scream). Single best moment for me all season. Absolutely fantastic.

Electric, electric! Such a great game! Love what I've read of Manny's post-game interview, too. *sigh* I love you, Manny. I'll be watching a lot of what I missed of that game on MLB.TV, you can bet.

Devine said...

Wow, wonderful game even aside from the Manny heroics. Papelbon has a good first attempt at pitching in the major leagues, Kapler's crazy catch, Timlin holds it steady in the 8th after men on 2nd and 3rd with one out, and then came Manny and Schilling...

Also nice to see Wells playing with Manny in the dugout after the fat man's jabbering yesterday.

Certainly a game of the year candidate.