July 14, 2005

G88: Yankees 8, Red Sox 6

I really though Papi's shot in the seventh would be the difference. But then Tito fucked up by having Embree start the 8th and Schilling had a rough start (to put it midly) in the ninth. But that rough start meant a loss.

Millar has been annoying the hell out of me lately, but he was on base in all four of his plate appearances tonight: single, double, and two walks.

Box Score Oddity: The five Red Sox relievers -- Myers, Bradford, Embree, Timlin, and Schilling -- pitched to one, two, three, four, and five batters, respectively.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Johnny is exibitting his own little personal protest. I mean, he hits in the 1st to keep his streak going then is unproductive for the rest of the game. Am I suppose to believe that he couldn't get his bat on the ball in the ninth. I'll predict he only hits once per game this weekend in protest of Schilling going to the pen. That way he'll still look like a hero in the nation, but be able to quietly say "Fuck you Tito, I told you so" when he's at bat.

Anonymous said...

Come off it! Fans gotta stop jumping on and off the player bandwagon each time one of them says something stupid in the press.

Let's judge the player by their PLAYING and not what they are saying. Damon is still a team player and a great one at that. There is no reason to question his intentions. He goes out there to win ballgames.

DonRinciani said...

Schilling hasn't pitched in ages, he's not used to going up against three of the league's nastiest hitters. Damon, regardless of his streak is only an athlete and that means he's not golden and not perfect. I know we demand huge results out of our team, and if I was Tito, I would not start Schill on a night against the Yanks, it's like taking a car that hasn't been driven in two years n the autobahn. Stupid, you know that baby's gonna break down and it did last night. Schilling's ego is the problem. If you left Timlin in there, I bet things would have been much better.

Eric said...

Damon struck out at least once because of a terrible strike call by the umpire. I don't think he's deliberately sabotaging anything.

Schilling's failure to get the first two guys wasn't the only problem - it was the compounding of a lot of problems with the Sox play last night. Embree shouldn't have been brought in to face Posada. Timlin once again let an inherited runner score, etc.

Anonymous said...

Francona wouldn't have needed to bring in lots of relievers if Arroyo didn't try his hardest to lose it all.

redsock said...

Arroyo was no world beater, but he pitched better than his runs allowed.

First: Not pretty at all (23 pitches), but he escaped, thanks in large part to Cano's stupidity in going to third.

Second: The two HRs were gifts that even the morons at MFYES thought were homers only in Fenway.

Third: Leadoff single followed quickly by a double over Damon's head. Plus an HBP later in the inning.

Fourth: 2-out single to Jeter; only 8 pitches.

Fifth: Leadoff bomb to dead center from Sheffield; only 9 pitches.

Sixth: Leadoff single from Posada, two outs, then the infield single/E5 that Millar should have tried to block. Olerud was not in the game because Millar was due to lead off the next inning.

The night sucked, no doubt about it, but I'm ready to move on.