July 15, 2005

G89: Red Sox 17, Yankees 1

See? No reason to panic. Overreacting to a loss is so 2003.

The Red Sox ring up 15 hits, nine walks, and 17 runs off the unimpressive pinstriped quintet of Redding, May, Anderson, Groom, and Proctor. Boston sent eight men to the plate in exactly half of their innings -- the first, second, fourth, and sixth.

Nixon drives in five in the first two innings -- including a three-run, inside-the-park home run -- as the Sox take an 8-0 lead. Damon (27!) and Renteria both bat in each in the first four innings as Boston boosts the score to 13-1. And then Ortiz greets Groom with a big grand slam into the Yankees bullpen in the seventh.

Wells was strong -- throwing only 85 pitches through seven innings (five hits, no walks) -- before Halama and Gonzalez finished up.

The Yankee bullpen threw seven innings tonight. Seven. ... Bring on the Unit.

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redsock said...

Where's Mr. "Money" tonight?