July 13, 2005


Now this is a shirt! Simple, cool design in black, white or red. Plus: nothing on the back. Perfect! ... My David Ortiz Fan Club shirt from 2003 (with a picture of Esther Rolle on the breast pocket) is old and I've retired last year's "Why Not Us?" shirt. This will be my new game-watching shirt for the rest of the season.

Good Boston showing in the All-Star game last night, as the American League won its 8th straight game.
Damon: 1-for-2, single, run scored
Ortiz: 2-for-3, RBI
Varitek: 1-for-1, single, walk, run scored
Ramirez: 0-for-2 (GIDP, K)
Clement: 1 IP, 1 BB, 1K, 4 BF, 15 pitches
Stupid Buck/McCarver Comment Of The Night: After Ichiro replaced Damon in center field in the fourth inning, Buck said, "Hairdressers across the country are turning their sets off." ... More media stupidity than you can shake a stick at is here.

Tony Massarotti (Herald) and David LeFort (Globe) present their first half report cards. ... Gordon Edes (Globe) answers some questions about the second half.


Devine said...

I must have that shirt!

My favorite at-bat came from Ichiro. With men on second and third and two out, Hernandez clearly wants to walk Ichiro. He throws three straight balls, then another one way off the plate, which Ichiro swings at anyway and fouls off. On the 3-1 count, he throws ball five pretty far inside and Ichiro takes this funky swing and lofts it over the infield.

Ichiro sez: screw a walk! This is the All-Star Game, I want them RBIs.

It didn't even bother me that he got picked off immediately afterward.

the mud said...

Hey...Don't know where to ask this, but will lurkers be able to lurk on the new Sons of Sam Horn bulletin board?

redsock said...

mud, i would assume so.

L-girl said...

This will be my new game-watching shirt for the rest of the season.

Thanks for the warning.