July 31, 2005

No Deals Today

Red Sox PR Dept. tells NESN no deals were made today.


bill d said...

I believe Karl Rove is behind the Manny saga! Who else could throw curve balls like that to distract other teams and keep the Red Sox 2.5 games ahead? If it is Rove, at least he's working for the good guys this time!!


mouse said...

It took a lot of guts for Theo to trade Nomar last year. Likewise, I think it took guts to not make a massive trade this year. It shows that the FO has confidence in this team to get to the playoffs, which I don't think is impossible at this point.

The team is basically solid. The bullpen is still a bit of a question mark, but the right bodies were (finally) removed to make way for some new faces that so far, have been much better at getting things done. If Papelbon is any indicator of what lurks down on the farm, pitching problems that might surface later can probably be solved from within.

redsock said...

I saw a NESN clip at the Globe's website in which Theo says they were going to buy "a $100 carton of milk".

With the prices so high, the Sox will make do with what they have. And they have a lot.

He also said Foulke is working out a lot, is in better shape than he was pre-surgery, and is ahead of schedule.

Also, the Manny clip is hilarious.

peter n said...

No deals done Sunday because they all sucked. Smarter heads prevailed and I, as well as many others, are soooo happy.

Anonymous said...

This team is better with the core of players they have now and a shuttle bus running up from Pawtuckett once a week than if they'd traded away almost any piece with value for mediocre players like Huff, Romero or Burnett.

Laura said...

I wouldn't exactly call Huff and Burnett mediocre (Romero is debatable). From what I've seen of them, they could both contribute a lot had the Sox traded for them. Huff, however, is not worth Hanley Ramirez and Jon Lester, and Burnett is not worth Arroyo plus a reliever and also some prospects, I'm assuming. At least not in my eyes, he's not. This does not make them mediocre players. It just means that their teams were asking too much for them.