July 25, 2005

Now Hear This!

It probably won't be as memorable as 1974's 10-Cent Beer Night in Cleveland or Disco Demolition at old Comiskey Park in 1979 (check out the DVD!), but "Heckler Day" -- tonight in Tampa Bay -- should at least be interesting.

Every one of the first 5,000 fans at the Trop for the Red Sox/Devil Rays game will receive a free megaphone. ... Don't the Devil Rays know that about 4,000 of those things are going to go to Red Sox fans?

What I hope to see: A pissed-off Lou Piniella running out to argue a call, with a megaphone clutched in his right hand.

Wells / Waechter at 7:00.

1 comment:

redsock said...

Hmmm ... turned out to be less than nothing.

I think I saw one of the "megaphones" during one of the crowd shots. It looked like a large plastic cup with the bottom cut out.

Big deal.