July 30, 2005

Shoppach & Stern for Bigbie?

Sean McAdam, Providence Journal:
[T]he Red Sox were close to completing a three-way deal last night with the Colorado Rockies and the Baltimore Orioles that would land them left-handed-hitting outfielder Larry Bigbie from the Orioles.

The Orioles last night sent Bigbie to Colorado in exchange for Eric Byrnes -- obtained only weeks ago from Oakland. The Rockies were then poised to flip Bigbie to the Red Sox for Pawtucket catcher Kelly Shoppach and Rule V outfield pick Adam Stern.
This would be a bad deal, not because of the players lost, but because of the low return. I'm not crazy about either Shoppach (who is the Sox top catching prospect, but clearly won't get a shot in Boston) or Stern (who was kept on the roster at the expense of Chip Ambres, now in Kansas City), but Larry Bigbie?

He can play all three outfield positions and would get a few opposite field hits off the Wall, but he's also has posted a 97 OPS+ in his four seasons. With Gabe Kapler set to join the team today, no thanks on this deal.


mouse said...

Larry Bigbie? Larry Bigbie?!?! Oh god, please let this one be a bust. There is no way that guy is worth both Shoppach and Stern. Yeah, neither one are rookies that you'd die for, but they're worth more than that!

Unless this is a part of some other, larger deal, it's just so bad...too bad for words. Say it ain't so, Theo!

redsock said...

Jayson Stark writes about Shoppach/Stern for Bigbie:

"Two baseball men who had spoken with the Red Sox and Rockies said that those two teams had actually agreed to that trade in writing Friday night, pending ownership approval. But on Saturday morning, the Red Sox told Colorado that their owners, curiously, had vetoed a deal that would have virtually no effect on Boston's payroll."

Good Lord.

mouse said...

All I can say is : THANK GOD.