July 16, 2005

Sox-Marlins Trade Rumor

During the game this afternoon, there were rumors that the Red Sox had made a big trade. ESPN radio reported a possible deal, but gave no other information. Posters at SoSH and a Marlins message board think it may involve AJ Burnett and Bronson Arroyo.

The Marlins are playing tonight and Arroyo has a concert in Boston, so everything (if there is anything) may wait until tomorrow.


willy said...

While I understand its only a rumor it does make sense. I hate to say this but I get the feeling the F.O. is getting a little tired of Bronson's rock act. We also know that Henry has a little history with A.J.

Anonymous said...

This would be a huge boost to the staff. Earlier on BBTN, Buster said that Mike Lowell would be part of any deal involving AJ. I think we could find a way to make this work if it means getting a big time starter to put in the front of the rotation.

redsock said...

SoSHer "redsox1918" sez:

"Gammons just said on WEEI that the Sox getting Burnett is a long shot. He's hearing the O's and the Chisox. No deal is close. Taking Lowell's contract is key, and that would expedite a deal."

Anonymous said...

Bronson is a great pitcher and has improved imensley over the past seasons he has been with the Red Sox. He will also keep improving. Boston needs to keep Arroyo because he has a passion for the Sox and for the game. He's a good competitior and a good addition to the team. If they trade Arroyo for a lesser pitcher (which the Marlins pitcher is) it will be pitcher suicide for the Red Sox.