September 23, 2005

Another Book About David Ortiz?


Here's where we stand:

East New York 89 63 -- Boston 88 64 1

Central Chicago 91 61 -- Cleveland 90 63 1.5

West Los Angeles 87 65 -- Oakland 84 68 3

Wild Card Cleveland 90 63 -- Boston 88 64 1.5 Oakland 84 68 5.5

In ten days, it will all be over. Where will we be? Which two of those six teams will be watching the playoffs on TV?

After trading series with the Orioles and Blue Jays, the Red Sox and Yankees will meet at Fenway Park one week from tonight. I can't imagine the standings being too different from what they are now. The odds of either Boston or New York holding a four-game lead next week is slim, so the winner of the East will likely be decided in that three-game set.

I'm getting nervous just thinking about it now, so first things first:

Lilly / Chacon in the Bronx at 7:00; Arroyo / Cabrera at Camden Yards at 7:30.


Sfumato said...

Very cool blog. I am going to share with others in the Yankee Family who appreciate great competition.

Gotta say "Go Yanks" though. Sox have loads of heart, but there seem to be too many holes in the dyke at this point.

I am not sure even the great (as Senator Kerry called them) "Manny Ortez" can save the BoSox now. Johnny D. has suddenly become Bernie Williams in CF, Captain Curt looks like the Schilling from the 1988 Orioles, Kevin Millar has turned into Carlos Quintana, Trot Nixon is showing as much power as Otis Nixon, Edgar Renteria is actually Rich Renteria.

Did you know Matt Clement has not beaten a team with a winning record since June 25 (PHI) and an AL team with a winning record since May 28 (NYY)? In fact, his only other win against a team that will end up above .500 came May 22 (ATL). Clement is to this year's Sox what Javier Vazquez was to the 2004 Yanks - a guy who was supposed to give them a boost and has been decent in spurts but is useless when they need him most - now and in October.

Best of luck to the gritty Sox, though. There is nothing like this rivalry, and it has brought out the best in the Yanks, who are more likeable than they have been at any time since they lost to AZ in the World Series. Somehow they have become underdogs, in spite of their $210M payroll, and I love it.

Anonymous said...

Dude, why post here passively-aggressively dumping on the Sox? I'm astonished at the number of yankees fans infesting Sox blogs over the past few days. You're obviously nowhere near the worst of the bunch, which have been really bad, but still, I can only hope the flipside isn't happening.

As for tonight's game, just awesome. I was seriously worried for the first 4 with Arroyo getting pounded, but he kept it together. Thank god Tejada skied that ball, otherwise we're in deep trouble.

Let's hope we keep the pressure on them. I'm starting to think the best way into the playoffs is through the White Sox. And if we make the playoffs, the Yankees are toast. Indians and Angels, I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and also, anyone who thinks the Yankees are the underdogs is retarded. They spend $210 million, screw up their offseason acquisitions, have a player cheating again (Giambi got injured, how surprising), while another former cheater goes down with a muscle injury, and luck their way into undeserved success. No, I don't live in Boston anymore, but from my time in Chicago and Philadelphia, the hatred for the Yankees is even stronger than ever.

The real underdogs are the Indians and the White Sox, teams that can't buy all their players or throw money at problems like the red sox and the yankees. That's why I'm going to be rooting bigtime for the Indians, Sox playoffs or not.

Anonymous said...

Yankees? UNDERDOGS??

What are you smoking, man, because I want some!

There is no way in hell that a team with $210 million payroll is ever going to be an underdog. Underperformer, maybe, but never, EVER and underdog. That you would even imply that such a monetary juggernaut could be an underdog when it exists in the same league as teams like the Devil Rays, Royals, Indians, A's, (insert name of just about any other baseball franchise here) tells me that you are either A) arrogant B) stupid or C) both.

Yankees as god, that's got to be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Geopat said...

hey sean o, thanks for i-d'ing the passive/aggressive stuff. i was starting to get all weepy there for a minute. it's gotta come down to a good solid yankee bashing in the final series-- (game, maybe?) The guy's right, though,-- those yanks are just a kinder, gentler, lovable bunch of kooks, this year.

From the Vined Smithy said...

Too many holes in the dyke? Speak for your friggin' self.

More that what you call a series of known steroid users playing for the highest-paid team in history?

Wow, you're sure one to talk about the collapse of the Sox with a one-game deficit. It's not like the Yankees have ever played poorly for stretches this season or anything. And, are aware of what happened last season, right?

The Red Sox might lose, but the Red Sox might win, and you would do well to remember that.

From the Vined Smithy said...

How does that shit smell now?

laura k said...

and it has brought out the best in the Yanks, who are more likeable than they have been at any time since they lost to AZ in the World Series. Somehow they have become underdogs

HahahahahahahahahaROFLMAO. What a comedian.

And by the way, who cares who the underdog is??? In 30 years of Yankee fandom, I never once wanted them to be the underdog or cared how many people hated them. Three years in Red Sox Nation (I'm a very new citizen), I still don't. Rooting for whichever team is the underdog is as stupid as always rooting for the winner.

Likeable. Sheffield, A-Rod and Giambi. Right.