September 29, 2005

Steroids Bad, Greenies ... Not So Much

Johnny Damon supports MLB's stronger penalties for steroid use, but he seems less sure when it comes to amphetamines:
One is a performance-enhancing drug, the other is a ... way guys get ready to play over 162 games. ... I think it would be real tough if they threw 25 games or 75 games or a commissioner's decision [at amphetamine users]. ... There are days I can't get going when I have to drink two, three cups of coffee to get jittery. [If amphetamines are banned,] We're probably going to see a lot of lethargic guys out there.
Yeah, Johnny ... coffee. MLB is gonna outlaw coffee!

At this point, I agree with Yankees general partner Steve Swindal, who said, back on September 10: "I'll be satisfied if the team makes the playoffs."

One game out with four to play is small potatoes compared to last year's ALCS, so my faith remains firm.

Various one-game tie-breakers:
East: Boston at New York
Central: Chicago at Celevland
Wild Card: Cleveland at Boston, Boston at Chicago, New York at Cleveland
Tonight's Games (all at 7:00):
Clement / Downs
Small / Bedard
Sabathia / Fossum


Anonymous said...

After yesterday's hearings on Capitol Hill (subtitle: Fehr and Loathing in DC), it's hard to imagine that the normally smug head of the MLBPA will win this one.

If only for this one time in his pathetic tenure as Commissioner, Bud Selig finds himself sitting in the driver's seat. With sympathy for the players reduced to the size of Raffy's juice-ravaged 'nads, this issue is shaping up as a proverbial can of corn for Selig.

Why? If Fehr won't lead the charge to implement a more stringent testing and disciplinary policy for the MLBPA that applies to steroids and amphetamines, Senator McCain and his fellow politicos will impose one upon them, one bound to be far tougher than the trial balloons floating around the CBA.

How do you take it, Johnny, cream and two sugars?

Anonymous said...

My prediction: Sox and Indians win, White Sox and Yankees lose, and it's two out of three for the Division. The Sox will win the first two, making the third game a tune-up. You read it here first.

allan said...

Sign me up for some of that.

From the Vined Smithy said...

Ah, Jack, why not be completely optimistic? The Red Sox take the next three to win the division (Yankees lose tonight) and win the fourth to eliminate the Yankees from the Wild Card. I'll take any postseason berth I can get, though, man. I'm scared of seeing the Yankees in the postseason again, but any postseason is better than none.

Anonymous said...

Well, the White Sox just clinched, so it's WC or nothing for Cleveland. Unfortunately, that means Chicago will be more concerned with resting their starters and setting their playoff rotation, and might roll over for Cleveland... not good news.

Anonymous said...

Check out the late-breaking news on, announcing that non-other than former Yankee LHP Mike Stanton will be joining the Sox tonight for a season-ending cameo against his former mates.

I guess since Rich Gale wasn't available, this was the closest thing to a Yankee killer that Theo could find....

allan said...

Good Lord, it's true.


Anonymous said...

I'll be shocked if that occurs, Andrew. Ozzie won't stand for it, and the ChiSox would love to not have to deal with the Indians just like the Sox would like to say bye to the Yankees. Devine: If the Yankees lose three in a row, that WILL eliminate them from the wild card.
In 1967, the Sox were 1 game down with two left against the Twins to end the season, and two bona fide Sox killers, Dean Chance and Jim Kaat, pitching against them. The Sox won both, as we know...I was in Fenway for the first game, and the Baseball Gods smote the Twins but good. Same thing this year.
RedSock: the Stanton move isn't a bad idea. At least Theo's still trying. Stanton has been better than Embree, and he was on the team the last time they won the division. I'm all for it. (That Rich Gale crack was unwarranted...but funny!)

allan said...

yeah, he could be useful in the right spot, but my first reaction was panic!

Anonymous said...

Now what did I say? DON'T PANIC!!!

Anonymous said...

I am very, very ,very happy that the Sox got Stanton. , If Francona has to go to Stanton, its over. I will be the first to say Embree stinks, but Stanton is just as bad. If either gets into the game it, the team hitting wins. A Yankee fan