September 3, 2005

G133: Orioles 7, Red Sox 3

The craziness of The Move meant I missed seeing almost all of the Tampa Bay series. Which the Red Sox swept, coming from behind in three of the games.

Friday night, I get to sit down, scorecard in hand, and watch a complete game for the first time in exactly a week. ... And the Sox lose.

Boston got two hits in the first inning when they grabbed a short-lived 2-0 lead. The team's next base hit was in the ninth inning. ... Alejandro Machado (#40) made his major league debut, coming in to play second base in the top of the ninth.

Lenny DiNardo started in place of the suspended David Wells and was hot and cold for his six innings. Too bad Boston was doing nothing with John Maine and an assortment of relievers. ... So, back in April, who would have thought the first four pitchers of a game in early September would be: DiNardo, Harville, Perisho, Bradford?

Knowing that Boston had scored at least seven runs in every one of its last 14 home games, David Ortiz offered some post-game analysis: "We didn't score seven runs tonight, so that's why we didn't win. Good night."


peter* said...

Not much to comment on here. It was a loss. But I'm glad you're settled in and have time to watch. You would have had a fun time during the Tampa series. Happy holiday to all.

mouse said...

Meh. Not the end of the world. Baltimore only shows up to play against Boston. Been that way for a few seasons. Stupid birds.

Yankees took a far worse beating at the hands of the A's. Still a 3.5 game lead. Panic is not in the equation yet.

Hope you enjoy your new digs!