September 22, 2005

Foulke Shut Down For Season

According to WEEI this afternoon.

It's probably for the best -- he certainly wasn't helping and now Tito won't be tempted to lean on him again in the final 10 games.

I do wish he had gotten his knees taken care of over the winter or at the start of spring training -- as the Red Sox suggested -- rather than waiting until July.

Alright, Jonathan Papelbon and Craig Hansen -- let see what you got.


Anonymous said...

For a guy who was such an integral part of last season's Championship, it would be a shame if we've seen the last of Keith Foulke in Boston.

His often cantankerous and increasingly surly nature notwithstanding, there is still a large contingent among the horsehide cognescenti that believe unequivocally that Foulke was the real MVP of the Sox post-season run. Without minimizing Manny's accomplishments in the World Series, it will forever remain a spirited argument.

As many AL hitters commented this season across the sporting press, they felt that this year's Foulke was hurting, and that he had lost so much velocity off the heater that the once deadly change-up became indiscernable from its swifter sidekick. The end result was that whether the hitters decided to sit on on the gas or look for the change, either way they guessed right as the velocity and movement of both pitches - to and from the plate - grew increasingly identical.

With the benefits that only 20:20 hindsight can provide, had the Sox and/or Foulke been more strident in their beliefs that he should have shut it down last February, perhaps the Sox could have been coasting home on a nice 6-8 game cushion right now instead of fighting for their playoff lives, and we would be watching Hanley Ramirez demonstrate every night why the Sox have been right thus far in never capitulating to any team that has demanded him in trade.

In the parlance of the auto industry, this year's Foulkeswagon seemed to have been made on a Monday. His season has been plagued with an incessant series of knocks and pings that one would typically associated with a lemon, the type of performance that is invariably maddening to both owner and mechanic alike when both know that they are capable of so much more.

Some day soon, perhaps the extent of his physical ailments will be revealed and we'll get a better sense of just exactly what parts of Keith Foulke's body betrayed him this year. Until that time, I hope we haven't seen the last of Foulkie, and that Hansen is given the opportunity to show his considerable stuff.

Rebecca said...


Anonymous said...

Ditto on KF.
But while I'm here, let me express my disgust at the way the Orioles continue to lie down for their masters, the Yankees. They've turned to jelly at the sight of the pinstripes for about 4 years running, but this is really disgraceful. That hack flack Buck Martinez just had the gall to talk about how well the Orioles have "battled." Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

But while I'm here, let me express my disgust at the way the Orioles continue to lie down for their masters, the Yankees

Amen. It would appear that there isn't an ounce of balls anywhere near that clubhouse.

I can at least take comfort in watching those loudmouth O's fans that I know (the ones who strutted around talking shit when that house of cards was atop the AL East) realize that they actually were full of shit, like I said they were...

DanM said...

and so it goes ....
is time yet? Can start saying it yet? Is it time to say "Wait until next year?"

Anonymous said...

Not even close yet. As long as we're within 2 games of the Yankees in time for the last 3 games, we have a great chance at taking this thing. Personally, I'm guessing that it'll end with a tie on the last game of the season, so we'll have a playoff at Mordor, just to make sure everyone on the eastern seaboard is suicidal.

keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

This news is almost definitely for the best. Here's to hoping that Foulke does come back next year and bears more resemblance to the guy we saw in 2004.

My fear is that given some of his comments to the media this season, some fans will forget that he was one of the biggest contributors to last year's incredible run. The Sox would not have won it all without Keith Foulke--no way, no how. The thought of him being run out of town on a rail by other fans makes me quite ill.

Anonymous said...

Mouse makes a valid point about the more rabid cousins in the Nation family tree perhaps being the reason why Keith may ultimately decide to get the Foulke out of town...

I for one thought his steely closer's psyche would have been just a tad stronger this year to deflect some fairly typical "hey, what's going on with your stuff?" type of questions. As his answers began to take on a lucidity that would have made Hunter Thompson proud, we were left to wonder was the problem a function of mind, matter, or both.

Who's to say what it was like to walk in his shoes, though he is not the first nor the last to ever feel the wrath of every Johnny from Burger King who views any member of the Olde Town Team as not performing up to his expectations.

Does anyone know how many years Foulke has on his deal? Me thinks he will be back in Fort Myers next February looking to redeem himself, if only in hiw own eyes.