September 3, 2005

MLB EI - Who You Get Stuck With

While in New York City, we got our cable through Time Warner. When the Red Sox were home, we got the NESN feed -- all the time. Not only that, but in 2004, almost all of the road games were also NESN.

This season, many more away games have featured the Sox opponents' broadcasters. Which makes no sense to me. Say the Sox are in Kansas City. The EI broadcast will be blacked out in the KC area anyway, so the likely majority of people tuning in to that EI game around the country are Red Sox fans. Give them NESN!

In Mississauga, we are signed up with Rogers Cable. Tonight, with the Sox at home against Baltimore, we were stuck with the Orioles' feed, featuring one of the dumbest baseball "analysts" around, Buck "I'll Tell You What" Martinez. WTF?

Does Rogers Cable (like Time Warner and whoever else around the US and Canada) decide which feed to broadcast by some whim or gut feeling? ... Did people living in NYC with Time Warner receive the O's feed tonight? It seems unlikely.


Michael Leggett said...

I got The O's Feed. Buck Martinez was OK, by comparison to FSN-West's feed with Rex Hudler, causing me to yell "Shut up, Blohole; You're a McCarver Wannabe."
For NYC Red Sox Fans, the fact that we'll get stuck with YES & FOX, is causing me to want to puke.
Normally, I get the NESN Feed, but not in the last few days.

Anonymous said...

I especially liked Buck's comment in the 5th inning of tonight's game that it looked to become a "battle of the bullpens" because both starting pitchers had been "cuffed around." At that point, Bedard was getting shots hit off him by every batter, and Clement had been superb but unlucky, with fluke hits and fielding blunders accounting for every run except the Gibbons homer. It seemed pretty obvious that Clement had about the best stuff he's had all season, and of course, he went 8. Martinez, in my opinion, is worse than Hudler because he has pretensions of expertise, and he's really a dolt. Hudler never pretends to be anything other than an ex-player trying to make a living...I can ignore him. Martinez drives me nuts.

Michael Leggett said...


Buck used his pretentions to become Blue Jays Manager.

John Gibbons, backup catcher of the 1986 WS Champion Mets, is now Manager & didn't manage from the safety of the broadcast booth, like Martinez & Bob Brenly(Who won a WS with the D-Backs in '01, after managing from his pech in the FSN-AZ Booth.

Michael Leggett said...

It's just that Hudler spoke so much, that it was reminiscent of McCarver.

Anonymous said...

Watching other teams' broadcasts (through MLB TV in my case) has made me realize how lucky were are in our guys. Most of the teams have at least one idiot. And when they're not being completely wrong, they're just spewing cliché after cliché.

Speaking of idiots, jeez, Ken Singleton on Yes (I live in New York) would place pretty high in the Dolt Olympics.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy with Hartford and NESN hi-def. Big game for Boomer today, but they're all big nowadays.

Anonymous said...

what is ei? i've just moved and i'm scoping out cable options, and i'd love to get sox games. why not just get nesn?

Blaha said...

nick its mlb extra innings

flip said...

Just be thankful you're not a Nationals fan. Due to the machinations of good neighbor Peter Angelos and a squabble between cable companies, Nats games are not carried by Comcast (which serves three quarters of the greater DC area). About one game a week or so is broadcast instead on local station WDCA, which the northern suburbs can get but most southern suburbs and many parts of the city do not. So some portion of the fan base is virtually guaranteed to miss some games. And you might think that getting is a solution -- but all Nats home games are blacked out, so as to NOT COMPETE WITH LOCAL BROADCASTS! Brilliant!

laura k said...

Bob Brenly(Who won a WS with the D-Backs in '01

Which just proves that any moron can win a WS if they have enough pitching.