September 26, 2005

Seven Days

Seven days, seven more days that are connected
Just like I expected ...
Seven more days, all I gotta do is survive
The Red Sox are home. MVPapi: "It's going be good, bro. I like being home."

David Wells tweaked his knee when he halted his delivery in the seventh inning on a pitch to Eric Byrnes. Plate umpire Jerry Crawford called time very late and Wells ended up flipping the ball away in anger.

Wells: "I'm not 100 percent out there ... [T]hey have to be a little more verbal out there. They have to scream it out. I didn't hear nothing. So that's kind of why I was a little ticked off." ... Francona: "He was already at that point in the game where we were going to go to the bullpen if anything happened, anyway. When we got out [to the mound], he said [his knee] was burning."

Re the thousands of Red Sox fans in Baltimore: the AP noted "the only things missing from Boston's final road series were the Green Monster and Pesky Pole" and at one point the Orioles announcers quipped that perhaps the victory should be included in the Sox's home record! (Since 1999, the Red Sox are 41-18 at Camden Yards.)

Kevin Youkilis tried to swing a bat yesterday, but could not. Yook: I'm hoping [to return] later in the week. Right now, it's still a little tender." ... Trot Nixon hit .500 (10-for-20) on the road trip. ... Who came up with the phrase "Red Sox Nation"? Former Globe writer Nathan Cobb learns, nearly twenty years after the fact, that he did.

Jack (in comments) points out this Johnny Damon quote about Dale Sveum:
Dale is always going to take a beating because we've got the slowest team on the face of the planet. We do not run bases worth a crap, so that's why Dale takes a beating. He's not afraid of it. Dale's been awesome for us.
That is not why Dale takes a beating. He takes a beating because even though Boston may have the slowest team in MLB, Sveum oftentimes thinks they are all Carl Crawford or Ichiro. If they are slow, then you have to remember they are slow and do your job accordingly.

The nine Red Sox that have batted against tonight's starter, David Bush, are hitting a combined .421 (16-for-38).
Red Sox: Schilling / Bush at 7:00.
Yankees: Johnson / Lopez in Baltimore at 7:00.
Cleveland: Off. Hosts Tampa tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How can you not love a Sox blogger that pulls out an obscure Dylan song to sum up the final gutwrenching week of the 2005 season? I've been reading since mid-2004, and I just wanted to say keep up the good work!

sarah said...

allan i can't take it!! just wake me up when it's over!!! *faints*

Anonymous said...

This game will tell the tale on Schilling. I'm betting he's back and just a bit rusty, but if he has a low velocity game like he did last time against Toronto, I'll have to assume that Boston will have no ace in the play-offs. By the way, can anyone recall a Sox team with 4 starters having such similar winning records? Based on just ERA and W-L, Wake, Arroyo, Clement and Wells are identical.
And the one pitcher with the inferior numbers is supposed to be the top guy. Strange indeed....

From the Vined Smithy said...

Auggghhh! I read on MLB that with a rainout, it would be Wakefield in the day half of the double-header tomorrow, then Schilling that night, with Wakefield pitching Saturday vs. Johnson and Schilling vs. Mussina on Sunday. Could this please get more intense and unbearable?

Anonymous said...

Thank God! Wake has usually been great on 3 days rest. I was afraid Tito would go weenie on us (again!) and do something really stupid like starting Papelbon against the Yankees.

Boy, the Orioles are hopeless. If they win one, it will be a miracle.

Anonymous said...

haha totally agree witn anonymous up there... i've been hooked on this blog for a while now.

oh, totally unrelated, but am i the only one who has ordered the city of champions dvd? i watched it for the first time the other day, and i gotta say, i like it. the dvd focuses on all boston sports teams, not just the sox, which keeps it interesting. it doesnt come off in that whole "documentary style with way too many useless interviews" kind of way. i def. enjoyed the segments with theo epstein, ray bourque, and peter gammons.

has anyone else seen it? i liked it... the music choice was good too. (aerosmith, ac/dc, pearl jam, etc)