September 26, 2005

Blue Jays at Red Sox, ppd. rain

Doubleheader (Schilling & Wakefield?) on Tuesday.

First game at 1:00.


From the Vined Smithy said...

Verbatim from comments on your last post...

Auggghhh! I read on MLB that with a rainout, it would be Wakefield in the day half of the double-header tomorrow, then Schilling that night, with Wakefield pitching Saturday (three days rest) vs. Johnson and Schilling vs. Mussina on Sunday. Could this please get more intense and unbearable?

Anonymous said...

We got screwed tonight, absolutely screwed. I can't believe the MFY's get to play their game while we get the shaft, as usual. Now the pitching is going to be exhausted going into the final series. This is a mess.

Anonymous said...

If the numbers I saw are correct, there's a 60% chance that the DH will result in a split. Better hope Baltimore can actually start playing like major leaguers tomorrow, since it's not happening tonight.

allan said...

From SoSH Game Thread last night:


I did a study a while back using Retrosheet data from 1900-2000 with the following results:

4614 Home team swept
3171 Visiting team swept
6959 Split
150 Home team won one game, other game was a tie
134 Visiting team won one game, other game was a tie
15028 Total

DHs Pct
7785 51.80% Sweeps
6959 46.31% Splits
284 1.89% Incomplete
15028 100.00% Total

(Can't make it line up in comments.)

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any guesses about who the rat is who's knocking Schilling to the press (according to today's Globe story)? My top 3 candidates: 1) Damon 2) Wells 3) Manny.
And if it's any of them, I'll be seriously disillusioned. That's just what this team doesn't need right now.

Anonymous said...

It's Foulke.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Foulke is in the clear. Got the answer from an inside source who has never steered me wrong. Hint: It's one of my three top suspects, and the one who has the least insight into what Schilling went through last Fall. And we always knew he was a jerk.

I hereby apologize profusely to the other two...I should have known better.

VarmintCong said...

It may be the wrong time to do so, off-season comments would have been better...but....

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. If you're indicating that it's Boomer, then I say thank you Boomer.

sarah said...

agreed. i like wells more and more with every passing day. pedro definitely would NOT have gotten away with this...but then again, if you've got brown skin and you're on the red sox (edgar, pedro, manny) you don't get away with anything anyway.

Anonymous said...

What? WHAT? On what possible basis can anyone justify saying that Schilling should be critized for struggling this season due to an injury aggravated by his selfless and heroic act last year?
"Thank you Boomer?' For what? For sending anonymous, cowardly and fatuous bitches to the press? For taking pot-shots in the dark at a team mate? For stirring controversy that can only distract from the task at hand? For casting suspicion on other team mates by referencing Pedro's Boston experinece, about which he has no first-hand knowledge? For advocating the back-asssward ethical standard that because fans have unfairly and churlishly turned on the likes of Bellhorn, Millar, Embree and Foulke, they should do likewise to Schilling? And this is the same clown who managed to get himself suspended when the sox could ill-afford to lose a starter this year. I love Wells' pitching, but he's a 12 year old.
Thanks for nothing, Boomer.

Earl said...

For advocating the back-asssward ethical standard that because fans have unfairly and churlishly turned on the likes of Bellhorn, Millar, Embree and Foulke...

Setting aside for the moment your bizarre assertion that being unhappy with a person who is unable to perform the job for which he is being paid (quite handsomely) is somehow "unfair", it's ironic that you'd say this in defense of Schilling. Schilling, remember, launched an attack on Manny earlier in the season, turning fans against Ramirez. Only in that case, Manny was performing extraordinarily well, leading the league in RBI's. Sure, Schilling didn't do it anonymously, but everything we know about Schilling suggests that's a result not of bravery but rather of his love of the spotlight.

[and please, I don't want to get into the whole Manny thing. You've made it clear what you think about it.]

VarmintCong said...
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Anonymous said...

Earl: Huh?
Yeah, I think it's unfair and boorish to boo athletes who are playing hard and have either slumped (Bellhorn), hit the wall (Embree) or been injured (Foulke). (All white guys, by the way, you race-baiters out there...I don't see the Boston fans cutting them any special slack because they don't have "brown skin." ) Boston fans owe these guys, all of them, for last year's championship. I never said you couldn't be "unhappy" about their performance; hell, I was ready to get rid of all three of those guys before Tito was. But a player deserves some respect during the tough times if they've delivered in the past, and especially if they've delivered at the risk of their careers, like Schilling. You think the size of a paycheck guards against injuries, slumps and old age? Do you boo your grandmother because she doesn't drive so well any more? Grow up.

Calling out a player who isn't willing to play when the manager asks him to? An obligation of a team leader; though Schilling should have kept his comments in the clubhouse. And it's pretty funny to see you extol Well's cowardly hit-and-run criticism as some kind of virtuous modesty, as if Boomer isn't a well-established publicity hound himself. He didn't have the guts to be accountable for his big mouth.

Earl said...

JM --

I didn't realize you were referring specifically to the booing of those players; I despise booing also, so I guess we agree on that [though I feel Foulke's comments about fans were equally "churlish and unfair"].

I also totally agree with your comment "a player deserves some respect during the tough times if they've delivered in the past". But I think this applies to Manny as well. I could go on in more detail, but that horse has been beaten to death, and it seems pointless to get into it.

Finally, nowhere in my post did I "extol" anything Wells has said or done. Not sure where that comment came from.

VarmintCong said...

"Do you boo your grandmother because she doesn't drive so well any more? Grow up."

worst. anaolgy. ever.