September 29, 2005

Radio Radio

Tonight, "Open Source" -- a public radio show based in Boston -- will feature both Red Sox and Yankees bloggers talking about this weekend's showdown, as well as sabremetrics and new ways to look at baseball.

The show's own blog has some more information. I'm told the show airs live on WGBH in Boston (89.7 FM) and streams at: KUOW from 7:00 to 8:00.

Bad timing if you are glued to the game, but you could watch the Sox on mute (and risk missing Orsillo tell you in which round Scott Downs was drafted) and stream the show. If you tune in, you might hear yours truly.

1 comment:

Jack Marshall said...

Your herald of victory, writing from the violent ward of St. Elizebeth's hospital in DC. 1) WHAT A GAME. 2) I would rather face the Yankees than the %$#%* Jays and their diving outfielders any day. 3) Manny Ramirez can go out to left with a keg of beer on his head as far as I'm concerned, from now until the end of his career or my sanity. What a clutch homer! 4) Aaron Small made a deal with Satan. You watch: he's going to disappear in a fiery ball the second the season ends. 5) Jason looked better tonight, but why, oh why, does the manager insist on batting the obviously fried Varitek 5th? And isn't this what reserve catchers are for? 6) No more negativity. The Sox meet the Yankees on their own turf, coming off a courageous comeback win when their backs were agaisnt the wall.

They're ready. Oops...time for my thorazine!