September 29, 2005

Mike Stanton In Sox Bullpen

I thought Yaz-Tex was joking in comments, but it's true!
The Red Sox acquired left-hander Mike Stanton from the Washington Nationals on Thursday for right-handers Rhys Taylor and Yader Peralta.

Boston's trade means Stanton could wind up pitching this weekend against his former team, the New York Yankees. ...

Stanton, who is 38, started the season with the Yankees and was cut June 30 after going 1-2 with a 7.08 ERA in 14 innings over 28 relief appearances.
Seems like a little late in the day to make a roster move, but what the hell!
           G  IP    H    R  ER  BB   K   OBA  ERA
September 10 12 12 5 3 6 7 .279 2.25
Post ASG 30 27.2 31 13 11 9 14 .292 3.58
His post-All-Star Game numbers are also his stats with Washington.

Lefties have only a .524 OPS off him this season, so I guess (if Francona uses him correctly, that is) he'll be another LOOGY for Giambi, Matsui and Cano.

Hey, whatever happened with El Guapo?

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