September 16, 2005

G146: Athletics 6, Red Sox 2

Cable was out for several hours, so I missed the first two innings (though I did watch the bonus disc from the mega-box set of the ALCS/WS games and discovered that I cannot hate Kevin Millar. His "Don't let us win tonight" monologue before ALCS 4 is one of the greatest quotes in Red Sox history.)

After only five pitches, Curt Schilling trailed 2-0. He battled into the seventh, but what looked like a fairly flat performance from the hitters (and questionable bullpen choices by Francona in the eighth) led to a defeat. Coupled with the Chokers' win in Tampa, the East lead is down to 1.5.

Wakefield / Kennedy at 7:00.


Anonymous said...

Like many, I wondered what our narcoleptic skipper, Tito, was thinking in the 8th inning. He had Myers facing the LH Johnson, getting the lefty-on-lefty match-up that resulted in a nice K.

OK, one out, 4-2 game, Sox still very much alive, waiting for the impending commercial break as Tito bounds up the dugout steps to pull Myers in favor of the righty, Bradford.

Inexplicably, Francona leaves Myers in to face Swisher who, as Remy comments, is particularly tough on LHPs. Swisher proves the Rem Dawg sadly prophetic by promptly scorching a double to left, which now puts a RISP with one out.

Awakened from his nap by the sound of Swisher's rocket hitting the wall, Tito comes to his senses and brings in Bradford (whose stuff last night brought new meaning to the term hanging Chad), and whose work (accompanied by the Sox lumber slumber) essentially put the game out of reach.

Is it any wonder that Theo and The Trio has not offered Francona a contract extension, even in light of last year's epic outcome? What are the odds that we'll see this guy back in the dugout next year if the team doesn't make the playoffs, repeat as AL champs, and bring home another title?

allan said...

Francona leaves Myers in to face Swisher who, as Remy comments, is particularly tough on LHPs.

I don't recall exactly what Remy said, but in a post I just put up, I note that Swisher hits righties (.794 OPS) better than lefties (.608).

allan said...

Forgot the link to Swisher's splits.

Anonymous said...

Hanging Chad...I like that.

After sitting through game 5 against the Yanks in the bleachers last year, I said I'd never question Tito's decisions again, but alas, what a difference a season makes. I am at a loss to defend some of the crap decisions I've seen him make this year.