March 15, 2006

Adam Stern -- Olympic Bobsledder?

Kevin Youkilis, Tim Wakefield, and Manny Ramirez welcomed Adam Stern back to Fort Myers by singing "O Canada" and presenting the outfielder with DVDs of his sterling performance in the WBC.

Trot Nixon ("Babe Ruth is back! The greatest WBC hitter of all-time!") and Lenny DiNardo ("He made everyone else look like Little Leaguers.") added their praise.

Stern batted .667 (6-for-9) with a home run, five RBI and a .727 on-base percentage. In Canada's stunning 8-6 victory over the US, Stern drove in four runs with a single, triple and an inside-the-park home run.

Stern, who played baseball for Canada in the 2004 Athens Olympics, told Chris Snow of the Globe that he's looking ahead to the 2010 Games in Vancouver -- as a bobsledder.

"I want to play baseball for as long as I can. I'm focused on this team. ... But that's something, 2010 being in Canada. I'm serious about it."

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laura k said...

Yay Adam. My new hero.